Scotty Cameron Putter Studio


When Scotty started making putters in his garage, he dreamed of a larger facility where he could create. Scotty created the Putter Studio to allow him to focus on his number one goal, which is to make the finest putters in the world. He designed a state-of-the-art facility where the art and science of putting can be practiced and put into play immediately—for the game’s top players and loyal Scotty Cameron putter players who send their putters to the Custom Shop for work. He concentrates intensely on getting three things working together in harmony—the golf ball, the putter and the player. This is a place for testing, learning and innovating.

Scotty lining up

Why a Putter Studio?

The Putter Studio was created as a place to help Scotty figure out the answers to questions and thoughts we all have with putting. How does path affect ball performance? Does the putter have enough loft? How does ball position affect lie angle, and how does shaft angle affect loft? The list goes on. And that’s why Scotty developed the Performance Shop inside the Putter Studio.

It’s where Scotty gathers information from the game’s top players. This valuable input from touring professionals goes directly into his designs that make it to production. In this environment—with the proper diagnostic tools custom engineered for this location—Scotty can find the answers and gain the peace of mind we’re all searching for with regard to putting.

Performance Shop

The Performance Shop is where the Art of Putting meets its scientific counterpart. This room, with its two-story vaulted ceiling, is positioned in the center of the building and is the focal point for Tour fittings, research and analysis. It is equipped with force plates to measure weight distribution, lasers for alignment and high speed video cameras to capture a player’s setup, stroke and follow through. Everything is played back on video monitors for instant analysis of the performance of the ball related to the putter and the player.

Here, players can learn and concentrate without distraction in a relaxing, but focused, environment. The data gathered in the Performance Shop helps Scotty design and create the best putter for a player’s individual needs.


The Custom Shop & Tour Department

Scotty loves every aspect of putter making—designing, milling, grinding, buffing, bending, welding, stamping, tweaking and more. The Custom Shop is the perfect place for him to do this. In here, we treat every putter like a touring pro’s gamer. The team of Custom Shop craftsmen and women can do anything to a putter.

The Custom Shop houses the Tour department, as well as the stations necessary for restoration, authentication, customization and customer service. To learn more about the Custom Shop, click CUSTOMIZE / CUSTOMIZE YOUR PUTTER.

The Scotty Cameron Crown
The Scotty Cameron Putter Studio.
Where the art and science of putting are practiced daily.
Scottys model truck collection

One Stop Shop

In the Putter Studio staff offices upstairs, Scotty and his team design headcovers, new Cameron Creations, apparel, shaft bands, and the the art and logos for everything we make. It’s all contained here at the Putter Studio, Scotty’s dream creative environment. Scotty still doesn’t have an actual desk or office, but he considers any part of the Putter Studio his workspace. Sometimes he’ll just write an idea on the floor…or a wall…or a workbench…you name it. That’s the point of a creative space—to be creative! And, to have a place where everyone enjoys coming to work. So far, so good. Thanks for dropping in.

Signed by Scotty Cameron