Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact our customer service team at (760) 591-9720 (8am-5pm PST).

Custom Shop

Tour restorations

Tour putters with unique finishes or multi materials, may be subject to upcharges due to the additional work required to recreate these rare and special looks.  Please contact our customer service team with any questions you may have at or 760-591-9720

Severely damaged putters

Unfortunately not all putters can be restored at the Custom Shop.  If we cannot restore your putter back to like new/original condition, we will contact you. Some damaged putters may be able to be restored by adding additional metal through welding at an additional cost. Please contact our customer service team with any questions you may have at or 760-591-9720

Can I get a black shaft installed in my putter?

We only offer black shafts at the Custom Shop if your putter was originally built with one.  Scotty has made limited and tour putters with black shafts that can be replaced for an upcharge ($90).  You will be required to send in the black shaft originally installed in your putter.

I am local, can I drop my putter off at the Custom Shop?

The Scotty Cameron Putter Studio is a R&D facility and we do not take drop offs.  All putters must be shipped to the Custom Shop for service.

How do I contact the Custom Shop? 

If you have any questions or comments regarding customization, restorations, or other technical putter-related questions, contact the Custom & Restoration Shop at (760) 591-9720 or e-mail Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST, excluding holidays

Can I make changes to my order after my putter has been received into the Custom Shop?

We will do our best to accommodate any changes made to your order after your putter is received into the Custom Shop. Please note that there is a $25 service fee for any changes made to a order once it has been received into the Custom Shop. 

How do I prepare my putter package to send into the Custom Shop for customization? 

  • Print your packing slip (available online when your order is entered) and include it in the box with your putter(s).
  • Write the order number boldly on the outside of the package and secure the address label extremely well (most shipment losses are due to torn labels).
  • Please package your putter carefully to protect the head.
  • Please DO NOT use popcorn foam packaging or excessive tape that must be cut away to access your putter. What may seem like protection in transit may potentially harm your putter if we have to cut away lots of tape and bubble wrap, etc.
  • Another putter packing tip that can save shipping costs is to simply send us the putter head in a small box. If you're getting a full restoration or reshaft, we use a brand new shaft anyway.
  • We suggest that you insure your putter(s) for an appropriate amount.

What happens when the Custom Shop receives my putter? 


    When your putter arrives we will send an email notifying you that your package has arrived safely. We will charge your order in full and send you an email receipt. We will then begin the restoration/customization/authentication process.

    We will review your order and confirm that your request for services can be accommodated. If we find that we cannot complete one of your requests, we will contact you to find a resolution. Your putter will be fully inspected and a work order will be generated that follows your putter through the process.

    Based on your requests and work order, Scotty's Custom Shop crew will begin to perform the specified services on your putter(s).

    Once we complete the Custom Shop process, we will ship your putter(s) and documentation via FedEx. We have FedEx Express Saver, 2nd Day and overnight shipping options. We will send you an e-mail, which contains a tracking number that can be used to follow the progress of your package. We can ship internationally to most addresses via FedEx. Customers are responsible for all duties and customs surcharges and any taxes, fees or costs charged by the government, the applicable freight carriers or any other party involved in transporting, importing or exporting these products. Please note that not all these costs may be known at the time of order and additional costs charged by these third parties may apply. If your credit card transaction is approved by our system (i.e., using VeriSign), then we will most likely be able to send your putter internationally. Please call the Custom Shop if you have any questions regarding international orders, as not every address and/or transaction will be possible. For example, we cannot ship to AFO/FPO addresses at this time.

Will you perform work on a putter that has had work done elsewhere, or a putter that has had an aftermarket finish applied?

As a general rule, we will not work on a putter that’s had paintfill, stamping, engraving, milling alterations, infringing marks, an aftermarket finish or shaft, non-original sight dots, lines or alignment aids UNLESS we re-do the work here at the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop using genuine Scotty Cameron parts, accessories and expertise. If your putter has an aftermarket finish, it must be restored before we will work on it. Additionally, we will perform some welding up of initials (full restoration plus $100 for initial weld area and $25 for each subsequent area on the putter). Please call the Custom Shop if you have any questions.

Which alternative finishes are available for my putter?

The choice of a Custom Shop finish with restoration has been simplified. Most Scotty Cameron putters can now be restored to either our silver-colored or black-colored finish. Finish choice is included in the price of restoration. And, the Custom Shop stamp is no longer a requirement with a finish change.

This change in our services expands the possibilities for those customers with silver-colored stainless steel putters that can now be finished in black. This is the first time this has been offered in the Custom Shop.

Here’s how it works: Applicable stainless steel putters restored with our “Silver” finish will receive the same raw stainless steel finish as they originally were made with, restored to like-new.
 Stainless steel putters restored with our “Black” finish will receive the same durable black finish as our black Select putters introduced in 2012. This glare-reducing finish can now be applied to most stainless steel putter models (i.e., Studio Stainless, Red X, Studio Style, Studio Select, California, etc.). New 2020 Special Select putters are not eligible for our black finish. 

Carbon steel putters Carbon steel putters can no longer be restored with our “Silver” Pro Platinum finish. Carbon steel putters restored with our “Black” finish will receive our current Brushed Black finish, which is black oxide. This finish can be applied to any carbon steel putter model (i.e., Classics, Teryllium, Pro Platinum, Oil Can Classics, Studio Design, Mil-Spec, Circa ’62, etc.). We no longer offer Oil Can or Pro Platinum as a finish option.

Tour finishes Tour-only finishes are not available unless the putter sent to the Custom Shop came with a Tour-only finish originally applied by the Scotty Cameron Tour Department. These include, but are not limited to: Chromatic Bronze, Chromatic Blue, Copper and Gold. Oil Can finishes are no longer offered. If you have a Tour putter and have questions about the finish options available with restoration, please call the Custom Shop at 760-591-9720.

What if I don’t know the exact model name or family/line name of my putter?

If you have any questions about your putter model, please visit our Putter Archives section on the website to determine your putter family/line and model name. Our application presents you with a template that most closely matches your putter based on the name you type in at the beginning of the process. An incorrectly identified putter has the potential to be confused with one of the many others we are working on. Please be exact in your identification of your putter so that we may efficiently complete your Custom Shop order. If you’re still unable to determine the line and model name of your putter, please contact the Custom Shop and we’ll help you in any way we can.

Are all of the Custom Shop components and/or accessories original equipment?

All Custom Shop components and/or accessories are genuine, but not all components—such as limited edition/release grips, Circle T/Tour headcovers and/or shaft bands—can be replaced to original. For example, if you select “original” from the headcover menu and have sent in a Circle T/Tour putter, you will receive a cover that matches your putter, but not the original Circle T headcover. We do our best to return putters to their original state, but not every putter can be restored to 100% original.

Can I get more than one shaft band added to my putter?

We only add one shaft band per putter order. Shaft bands are applied free of charge and their placement along with any existing bands is subject to Scotty's discretion. We typically remove damaged bands before new ones are applied and leave only existing bands in place that do not extend too far down the shaft. Please let us know in the Notes section on the Confirm Putter Options page if you’d like us to leave your current shaft band(s) in place. NOTE: If you select to have one of our Custom Shop Shaft Rings installed on your putter, then you CAN NOT also have a shaft band installed.

Can I stamp in other locations that are not shown in the online application?

We do not add letters or stamps to the nose, hosel or on deep milled putter faces. We will determine a practical location. Additionally, we will not honor requests for misleading bumper stamping/initial additions such as TOUR or PROTO as well as attempts to increase a putter’s value by adding weight, material or model names such 350G, GSS, JAT or the like. While we do not add Custom Shop stamps to the nose of the putter, with certain designs (Futura X5, X5R, X7/X7M, 2015 GoLo line) our only option is to add either four numbers or letters to the nose.

Should I send my headcover in with my putter?

Please do not include any headcover that you’d like returned with your Custom Shop order. Please use a cover/packing material that can be discarded. Newspaper with some masking tape works really well. Protect sharp shaft ends that may come in contact with a second putter in the box. Damage caused by careless shipment will be documented and restoration fees may apply. Of course, we will call you first before performing any service that is not included on your order.

Can I order a different shaft than the type that came with my putter model?

We will use the original style of shaft in most cases, upgrading to a stepless variety if the original is not available or Scotty determines that the change is warranted. For example, an older model putter receiving all modern components and a long shaft band designed to be hidden down the back of the shaft will most likely have a stepless shaft installed.

Can I have my old grip returned to me after I have my putter re-gripped in the Custom Shop?

We do not save and/or return grips. When adding length to a putter, a new shaft and grip is required. When shortening, we can cut the existing shaft, but a new grip is required. 

What if I want paintfill that is different from what I see in the online application?

The Custom Shop application has been created to give you a near-perfect representation of what your putter will look like with our available color palette. Scotty will make the final call on color placement. We do not alternate the color of each word or letter, as this compromises the original appeal of Scotty's creations. We kindly request that you do not include drawings with your own paintfill suggestions, as we cannot honor them.

How does the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop differ from the Titleist Authorized Repair Shop?

The Custom Shop and Titleist Authorized Repair Shop each offer first-rate services and workmanship. However, the Custom Shop offers many other services and accessories that are specific to Scotty Cameron by Titleist products. The Custom Shop can add initials, stamps, sight lines and sight dots, loft and lie adjustments, as well as full restoration with alternative finishes and authentication services.

Can I purchase more than one Custom Shop headcover or grip?

No, we only allow the purchase of ONE Custom Shop grip and ONE Custom Shop headcover per putter. Occasionally the Custom Shop will offer "GOTTA HAVE IT" items, which may be a limited run headcover. ONE of each style of "GOTTA HAVE IT" headcover may be purchased per putter that is sent into the Custom Shop.

Can I purchase a putter directly from the Scotty's Custom Shop?

No, we do not sell putters at Scotty's Custom Shop. However, the Custom Shop offers many other services and accessories that are specific to Scotty Cameron by Titleist products. The Custom Shop can add initials, stamps, sight lines and sight dots, loft and lie adjustments, as well as authentication services.

When I use the Interactive Form why does it not show my putter?

We do not have Interactive templates for all putter models, so please use the style of putter that best resembles your putter. Any specific requests please explain in the Customers Notes section of your order. If you have any questions regarding submitting your order please contact our customer service team at; 760.591.9720.

If I am only adding stamps to the putter do I need to pay the full $72 paint fee to have these areas painted?

In the Interactive Form you will not have the option to select the “Paint New Customizations Only”, so in the “Notes” section please request what colors you would like used in the stamping you are adding. If you are submitting your Custom Shop order using our Classic Form and only want your new stamp(s) painted, then please use the “Paint New Customizations Only” and select the color(s) of your choice. If you have any questions please contact our customer service team at; 760.591.9720

Can I have my initials or the engraved areas painted in alternating colors for each letter?

No. For sets of initials, stamps or engraved words on the putter we do not allow alternating colors for each letter or character. You can have the three cavity dots and weights painted in multiple colors of your choice.

Can I have my aluminum putter restored in the Custom Shop?

Aluminum headed Putters: We do not restore or stamp of any aluminum head putters (Caliente family, Select Mid Sur, Select Big Sur, Futura, Futura Phantom, Futura Phantom Mallet, Detour 1, Detour 2, Futura X, Kombi, Kimbi Mid, Kombi Long, Red X Mid, Red X 2 Mid, Red X 2 Long)

Can I have my putter converted to a Dual Balance model?

Mid Length putters may be converted into a dual balance model. For pricing please contact our customer service team at; 760.591.9720. Unfortunately for standard length putters we are not able to convert to a Dual Balance model, as we do change the shaft bore size on putters sent into the Custom Shop .

Can I have my Newport Detour putter restored?

We are only able to restore the Newport 2 or 2.5 Detour - NOT the standard Detour model.

What type of paint is best if I choose to have a Custom Shop stamp placed in the cavity dots?

In order for stamps to be clearly visible in cavity dots/cherry bombs, it is recommended you select a translucent paint, or they can be left unpainted. Standard/non-translucent paints can fill the stamping and make cavity dot/cherry bomb stamps very difficult to see.

If my putter has a deep milled face can I have a Custom Shop stamp placed on the face?

Stamps on Deep Milled Faces (California, Select lines): We do not stamp any Custom Shop stamps on deep milled faces, we can only stamp initials or numbers.

Can I purchase a new Circle T headcover for my Tour putter through the Custom Shop?

We do not sell any Tour products in the Custom Shop.

Can I get my initials “arching”?

We can only “Arch” initials if there is a stamp placed below.

Can I have my putter shipped to any location?

We do not ship putters back to P.O. boxes. All returned putters from the Custom Shop do require an indirect signature and must be shipped to a residence or business.

Am I able to purchase Tour Products for my Circle T putter through the Custom Shop?

If you own a Tour putter, we offer a limited number of Tour components in the Custom Shop (Shaftbands, grips, shafts & weights). For options & pricing please contact customer service at: 760.591.9720

Can I purchase products from the Custom Shop directly?

All custom shop components (Shaft bands, engraved weights, grips & headcovers) are exclusively offered as part of your Custom Shop order and are not available for direct purchase.

Can I still get the Chromatic Bronze or “Honey Dipped” finish through restoration?

We can only apply a Chromatic Bronze or our “Honey Dipped” finish if this was the original finish on the putter. Please request this finish in the “Notes” section of your order.

After creating my Custom Shop order will you send me a shipping label or box to ship my putter in?

We do not send shipping labels or boxes to send your putter in when a Custom Shop order is created. When submitting order you have paid for return shipping and must ship the putter to us on your own.

Does my putter have to leave the Custom Shop fully assembled?

If a putter is shipped to us without weights installed in sole, new weights must be purchased and installed through the Custom Shop, or original weights must accompany the putter and be installed by the Custom Shop.

What is the minimum dollar amount I must spend in the Custom Shop?

We have set a minimum purchase requirement of $45.00. This amount covers the potential cost of shipping a putter back to you if we are unable to work on it. The cost of shipping to and from the Custom Shop is the customer’s responsibility.

Aftermarket Shafts

The Custom Shop will not service a putter that has an aftermarket shaft installed, unless you pay for a new shaft and grip on your work order.  The aftermarket grip and shaft will be destroyed.  You can choose to have the putter returned with no services performed.  You will be refunded for all services on your work order, minus the return shipping fees.

Aftermarket Weights

The Custom Shop will not service a putter that has aftermarket weights in the head.  Customers can choose to add new weights through their Custom Shop order, or mail in the original stock weights.  If a customer does not want to have authentic weights installed, then the putter will be returned.  All services will be credited, minus the return shipping fees.

Contact The Custom Shop

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call us at (760) 591-9720 (8am-5pm PST).