Scotty Cameron
Limited Release Putters

A few times each year, Scotty Cameron unveils putters made in extremely low quantities and offered at select golf shops.

Limited Release 2016 MIL SPEC H16 5MB

2016 Holiday H16

When the front line is your back nine, Scotty Cameron’s 2016 Limited Release MIL-SPEC H16/F5/MB could be the perfect milled creation to help you drop that long putt with precision.

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Limited Release 2016 My Girl

2016 My Girl

With refined sensibilities and trendsetting accessories, this 34-inch limited creation is a proven performer and an instant classic with fancy traits that are forever in fashion.

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Limited Release 2016 Japan Limited

2016 Japan Limited

With only 500 pieces crafted exclusively for Japan, Scotty Cameron designed this Limited Release Mallet to give amateurs the Tour Only treatment.

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