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Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Concept X Putters

Premium Experimental Prototype Models Introduce Dual-Zone Vibration Dampening, Innovative Neck Configurations and Boundary-Pushing, High-MOI Design

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (July 17, 2018) – Scotty Cameron has established a new standard of putter design with the introduction of Concept X, a premium offering of two experimental prototypes produced in limited quantities for players seeking the highest level of putter performance.

The new Scotty Cameron Concept X models – CX-01 and CX-02 – are designed to deliver the ultimate putting experience, blending the visual characteristics of a Newport 2 with the playability of a mallet through boundary-pushing design techniques and technologies. Each model features high-MOI producing “wings” that seemingly melt into the ground at address for added stability and forgiveness, plus new dual-zone vibration dampening technology for precisely tuned sound and feel. Concept X putters are distinguished by their innovative neck configurations: CX-01 employs a tour-proven “Nuckle Neck” with one shaft of offset, while the CX-02 is designed with a new low slant “Joint Neck” that promotes additional tow flow. An anti-glare Stealth Gray finish highlights the industrial design-inspired aesthetics of Concept X, keeping with the prototype feel.

Concept X putters are available August 31 in North American golf shops (September 28 worldwide).

QUOTING SCOTTY CAMERON: "Concept X is for the player who wants the feel and performance of a Tour-proven blade style putter, but wants to benefit from the latest technology to achieve more forgiveness. What’s unique about these putters is that they’re fast looking and high-tech. But by making them wider, they’re more forgiving. You get a calm feeling like when you play a mallet. So, you get the best of a blade and the best of a mallet in one. It has a very elegant, high-end, industrial look. At address, after a few putts, the wings almost disappear and it’s like looking down at a blade. I like to say that Concept X is the top level of performance in a putter. Our new four-way sole balancing is designed into these models. The new Nuckle and Joint Neck technology. The enhanced vibration dampening chambers for better sound and feel. It’s all in there. Concept X truly is a prototype that’s come to life."

2018 CONCEPT X TECHNOLOGY & PERFORMANCE: As the name implies, Concept X is big on new ideas, born out of Scotty’s ongoing research and experimentations inside his Southern California Putter Studio:

  • TWO INNOVATIVE NECK CONFIGURATIONS – constructed using the lower portion of the shaft provide toe flow and offset, while reducing neck weight that is redistributed into the putter head and wings for higher MOI:

Concept X – CX-01 integrates a revamped Nuckle Neck configuration that provides one shaft of offset in a familiar plumbing neck setup. Toe hang is similar to that of a Newport or Newport 2.

Concept X – CX-02 is designed with a completely new low slant Joint Neck that provides one shaft of offset and promotes slightly more toe flow than the CX-01 – similar to a Newport 2.5.

  • NEW DUAL-ZONE VIBRATION DAMPENING CHAMBERS integrated into the face-sole construction offer precisely tuned sound and feel by separating each “chamber” with a band of stainless steel. The mid-milled aluminum face, anodized in bright dip black, is connected via internal screws that perfectly compress the vibration dampening material for a soft, solid sound and feel. Additionally, the sole zone’s anodized and engraved plate contains additional vibration dampening material, as well as allows for weight to be redistributed back and out toward the wings, increasing MOI and overall balance.

  • A HIGH-MOI DESIGN with a unique wing shape design allows for weight to be strategically moved toward the perimeter and as far back and out as possible, increasing MOI and forgiveness. Customizable, removable heel and toe weights enhance stability while increasing the face’s sweet spot.

Concept X extends Scotty’s tour-proven multi-material methodology, utilizing weight-saving face inlays and sole plates milled from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that allow heavier stainless steel to be purposefully relocated to key perimeter areas to increase MOI, balance and forgiveness. The sole profile of each model has been milled with Scotty’s four-way sole balancing design that moves the balance point to account for the weight of the grip and shaft and the putter’s offset, so the putter sits perfectly square at address.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN-INSPIRED COSMETICS: A new, glare-reducing Stealth Gray finish complements the bright dip black anodized face inlay and sole plate components. Several engravings and the familiar three-dot milled pattern have been left unpainted in their raw, machined metal finish in keeping with the “prototype” feel of the Concept X models. Subtle jet black gloss paintfill adds elegant accents in key engravings, while a new gray Pistolero grip accessorizes the entire presentation.

WEIGHTING & ACCESSORIES: Each Concept X putter features advanced stability weighting with two, customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights, internal vibration dampening material, a stepless steel shaft that includes a new gray Pistolero grip with black lettering.

AVAILABILITY: Scotty Cameron Concept X putters will be available at a select network of Titleist authorized golf shops in North America on August 31, 2018, and worldwide September 28, 2018. 

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