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New Custom Shop Headcovers

Scotty just added a variety of new headcover options to the Custom Shop, and now is the time to send your putter in for expert customization, restoration or authentication. Not only can you add a new Champs Choice, Our Flag or Retro Mini Crown headcover to your putter, but you can also have our crew stamp your name or initials, transform your putter with new colors, add a Custom Shop-exclusive grip, apply a new shaft band and more. New Custom Shop headcovers are only available when you send a putter to Scotty's Custom Shop for work. See the entire lineup of new Custom Shop headcovers in the slideshow below. 

Make your Scotty Cameron Super Select or Phantom X putter even more personal with our online Custom Shop Customizer. Customize and restore over 100 putter models from past or present in full color on desktop or mobile using our online customizer application. See in real time how your putter will look after it’s been personalized with your name, initials, hand-stamped characters, paintfill and more.

For older putter models, the Classic Form supports customization and restoration of over 100 past Scotty Cameron models. Once you've personalized it your putter, select one of the new headcovers from the Accessories menu and submit your work order to us, then send in your putter and let us bring your customization to life! If you own a Circle T putter, now you can send that in for customization as well, and get access to a special new Circle T headcover option.

Start your own Custom Shop order today.