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For over a decade, Scotty has created a limited run of putters made especially for female golfers. Matching performance attributes like weight, length and overall balance for the ladies was equally as important as complementing the entire putter's look. From graphics to finish, grip choice to shaft band and headcover designs, the My Girl putters have been about creating something extra special for the ladies. He's been inspired by his own girls at home, as well as the countless professional female golfers he's worked with over the years. The following article and slideshow chronicles the My Girl putters over the years.

With her 15th appearance coming soon, Scotty Cameron's My Girl putter lineup has always possessed a special place in the hearts and minds of putter aficionados. Here's a look back at the beauties who've made this bunch a timeless collection of special putters. 

2002 My Girl - Newport Mil-Spec
The putter that started it all. Made shorter and balanced perfectly for the ladies, Scotty paid special attention to color, finish and accessories.

2003 My Girl 2 - Prototype Mallet
Code named "Cabriolet", the second My Girl was an ambitious design that mixed a stainless steel head with an aluminum sole plate for a mallet of uncompromising design and utility.

2004 My Girl - Newport Beach
With a sound slot milled in the sole, this was a Tour-inspired beauty that was "Guaranteed to make any girl starry eyed". 

2005 My Girl - Circa '63 No. 3
Modified in weight and designed for the ladies, this My Girl was a customized version of the popular Circa '62 No. 3 in the production line. 

2006 My Girl - Catalina-inspired
With a nod to the Catalina and Scotty's earlier Classic X, the double bend shaft-over design of the 2006 My Girl sets up perfectly for confident, balanced performance. 

2007 My Girl - Circa '62 No. 6
With a Pro Platinum finish and its Cotton Candy Pink and Purple flower design, this year's My Girl was a specialized version of a putter from the production line. Only 750 pieces were made. 

2008 My Girl - Button Back Newport 2
With her Fleur De Liscious Pink anodized 60-61 aircraft aluminum inlay for super-soft feel, Cotton Candy Pink paintfill for eye-catching appeal, and triple sight lines with fun Fleur De Lis graphics, the 2008 My Girl had a look that's all her own. 

2009 My Girl - Button Back Newport
Inspired by His Girls, Scotty also drew upon his love of 1960s imagery to create a My Girl to celebrate all that is girly, fun and flowery. 

2010 My Girl - Modified Newport Button Back
A smooth-flanged, widened Newport Button Back with several new features. Designed with round corners, refined lines and soft tiers that curve and melt into the ground, the 2010 My Girl is technology and beauty melded into a powder-misted, milled stainless steel putter built to play. 

2011 My Girl - Newport 2 Notchback
Colorful and eye-catching with its robin’s egg blue and pink colors this putter is designed for the female player, but rest assured this Newport 2 Notchback concept is a technical masterpiece, designed from the ground up to be a gamer. 

2012 My Girl - Modified Select GoLo
This modified Select GoLo features a misted raw stainless steel finish with a unique, engraved daisy flower design. 

2013 My Girl - Modified Select Fastback
Not just another pretty face, this curvy Select Fastback prototype is a high-tech, modern mid mallet built to perform.

2014 My Girl - Select Newport 2
Always known as a great gift-giver, Scotty Cameron continues the tradition with his 13th My Girl putter - a glamorous Select Newport 2 all wrapped up in a pretty bow.

2015 My Girl - Select Roundback
The elegant tradition continues, as Scotty Cameron introduces his 14th My Girl putter, a complex, multi-faceted gem of a custom crafted Select Roundback.