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Just A Thought - Newport 3

"Just A Thought", or "J.A.T.", is the acronym Scotty uses to describe new design ideas and thoughts. In this new video series, Scotty sits down with us for a deeper look into the design and creative inspiration for his putters, giving us some insight into his process, as well as his inspirations from the past. 

In this first installment of our "J.A.T." video series, Scotty takes us into his workshop to talk about the Select Newport 3, Scotty’s answer to players seeking a heel shafted, higher toe flow putter design.

We'll be releasing more videos in this series, so stayed tuned. We hope you enjoy them. 

In Part 2 of our J.A.T. Newport 3 video series, Scotty further explains the design of his Select Newport 3, including its three-tier shape and flowing neck.

To conclude our J.A.T. Select Newport 3 video series, Scotty shares his final thoughts about the evolution of design that culminated in the production of the Select Newport 3. Created for the player who prefers to shape shots and relies on “feel, rhythm and flow” when putting, our Master Putter Maker describes how he was able to get the shape, weight and look that he’s always wanted with the Select Newport 3.

The heel-shafted Newport 3 features advanced stability weighting with two removable, customizable stainless steel heel-toe weights, a stepless steel shaft engineered for optimal flex and performance, and a supple Red Matador Mid-size grip developed to offer the comfort of a larger grip while maintaining responsiveness and feel. Check out images and specs of the Newport 3.