Improvements to our putter customizer Supporting Article Image

Improvements to our putter customizer

Here at Scotty Cameron, we are always looking for new ways to improve the online experience for you, our fans. This time we took a look at our Custom Shop customization experience and made some changes to make the process of customizing your putter’s paintfill faster and simpler.

When you start a new putter customization project, the putter will load with stock paintfill displayed so it looks just like it does in your hand, making it easier for you to visualize your changes one color at a time. If you want to start from scratch, a new “clear all” button makes it easy to virtually remove all the paint on the putter with one click so you can start over.

reset to original

When you start the paintfill process, all of the color palettes start out closed so you can focus on only the sections you want to paint. Just click on the item you want to work on and the palette will expand to show your paintfill color options.

We hope you enjoy the new Custom Shop customizer’s features. We continually strive to enhance our online experience for Scotty Cameron fans around the world. 
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