Scotty's latest Futura X7 and Futura X7M putter designs focus on a few core features: larger putter heads, more alignment cues and multi-material construction. In this article, we'll explain Scotty's design philosophy as it relates to the larger putter head sizes, which are about 10% bigger than the Futura X5. 


The larger putter head sizes allow for the design to maximize MOI, or Moment of Inertia, which is the putter's resistance to twisting at impact. Putters with higher MOI can help a player to develop a more stable and consistent stroke for better overall performance. The Futura X7 and X7M models are some of Scotty's highest MOI putters ever. These putters also have a larger sweet spot on the putter face, which increases the forgiveness on off-center strikes. 

The added dimensional size also allowed for Scotty to optimize the weight distribution toward the back and the outside edges of the putter heads using heavier 303 stainless steel. He then used lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for the face-sole, which helps to provide the solid sound and feedback these models are known for. 

Additionally, the larger putter heads gave Scotty ample room for longer, more prominent sight lines and visual cues for alignment. 

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