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Futura 5.5M — Mallet Forgiveness with Toe Flow

Inspired by his work with players on the worldwide professional golf tours, Scotty crafted the Futura 5.5M to give golfers new options in a mallet design — that is, a forgiving mallet with toe flow. With a short shaft bend that promotes toe flow for an arcing stroke more commonly associated with blade-style putters, Scotty delivered one of his most high-performance putters to date, with mallet-like alignment and high-MOI produced from the perimeter weighting of the stainless steel frame, surrounding the lighter weight aircraft aluminum face-sole.  

“The idea for the Futura 5.5M began as a prototype when Justin Thomas came to the Putter Studio looking for a new option,” Cameron said. “He wanted a smaller mallet that he could align easily, but one that also promoted the arced putting stroke he preferred. We welded a flare neck to a Futura X5 Tour putter and sent him on his way. He went on to win three events, reporting back that some of his buddies wanted a putter like his. The wheels started turning from there."

“In addition to Justin’s visit, I’d also received requests for a smaller version of the Futura 7M. So, in thinking about this new entry in the world of mallet putters, I was able to blend my MOI and toe flow thoughts into this new model, the Futura 5.5M. To achieve this, I created a leaned over, stainless steel half-neck spud off the topline that accepts a single bend shaft with a new shorter neck bend. This is an elegant way to give the player a full shaft of offset and also offer a clean view of the entire leading edge of the topline. The proportion is right. The weight is right. And now we have a mallet with more toe flow for players who like that arcing feel in their stroke, but want more forgiveness.”

The Futura 5.5M's shorter neck bend gives it a clean appearance with the same performance as a welded neck at all standard lengths. The weight saved in opting for a short bend shaft versus a heavier neck also allowed Scotty to add more weight behind the putter face in the form of the bar back for added forgiveness that will benefit the majority of golfers. Additionally, this single bend shaft configuration gives the putter the right amount of toe hang, promoting an arced path and flowing putting stroke versus the typically face balanced setups in the Futura line that promote a more square to square path.

As prototypes make it to production, Scotty often arrives on slightly different ideas with regard to materials, necks and overall setup. With the Futura 5.5M, he had already pioneered the multi-material technology of featuring a wrap-around face-sole construction milled from lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, integrated with precision-milled 303 stainless steel. This is why Justin Thomas' putter, the Tour prototype, differs from the Futura 5.5M production model. The Futura line's face-sole setup moves weight to the back and to the perimeter, allowing for a larger putter head with enhanced MOI performance and forgiveness.

Why a Toe Flow Mallet? 
As a putter maker who forges his living crafting solutions for the game's best players, Scotty designed the Futura 5.5M with a dual personality — it's forgiving like a mallet should be, but has enough flow built in to let the golfer feel the club face open and close. Additionally, its sight lines are longer than those found on any blade, providing an easy-to-align look from address. 

The Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M is a great option for players who've used blades in the past but now want something with more forgiveness and toe flow. Discover more about the Futura 5.5M on our product page.