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Design Thoughts - Adjustable Weighting Technology

Passionate pursuit
For as long as the game has been played, golfers have searched for ways to make more putts. For some, that exploration of perfecting equipment, namely the putter, has become a pursuit bordering on obsession. Getting it right has been Scotty Cameron's obsession for over forty years.

From the time he first shafted a putter with his father in the family garage and felt the weight of the club in his hand, Scotty has been developing ways to adjust putter head weight for the optimal feel.

Scotty has been at the forefront of research and development in crafting putters that are not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also technically functional with regard to proper length-to-weight specifications, including thoughts on MOI, weight distribution and shaft flex. That brings us to the adjustable weighting technology Scotty developed and has deployed in each of his production putter families.

Importance of weight related to length
Central to Scotty’s current putter making philosophy is the fact that putter head weight is directly related to shaft length when creating a putter with the proper balance and feel. Below Scotty shares some of his thoughts about setting up a putter with the correct weight for the shaft length and desired feel.

"Back before we developed a way to adjust weight with interchangeable components, all we had was lead tape. You could make a putter heavier by adding tape to the sole. Or, in some extreme cases, you could take weight off the putter head by actually milling away material. That's how I developed the 'cherry bombs' you see on my putters. First, they were 100% functional—simply a way to trim gram weight from an already-milled steel putter head. Now, of course, I use them as a component of my design," says Titleist Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron.

"As time went on and players asked for more weight adjustment, I began milling pockets in the sole and used epoxy to install tungsten weights for Tour players who wanted a heavier head. As the market demanded more variety in lengths, my team and I developed the removable, adjustable sole weights. A 35” putter gets two 10-gram weights; 34” has two 15-gram weights; and our 33” putters come with 20-gram weights. And, we also accommodate the individual preferences of players who want the putter even heavier (or lighter), as we make sole weights in increments from 5-grams to 30-grams. This allows for customization, which we've carried over the Custom Shop and even our online Studio Store where we sell weight kits and the tools to change out sole weights on one's own." 

As with all golf equipment choices we make, putter specifications and overall setup are personal decisions. Many of the Scotty Cameron putters crafted within the past decade contain interchangeable sole weights that can either be professionally switched out at the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop, or changed by the player with a little bit of know-how, the proper weight tool and correct replacement weight types. The Putter Length-to-Weight Recommendations table below serves as a general reference guide for anyone looking to change the length and/or weight of a putter so that the finished setup has the balance and feel that Scotty intended. 

Putter Length-to-Weight Recommendations

The following table provides a guide when changing the length and/or weight of most Scotty Cameron putters that have two factory interchangeable sole weights. The individual gram weight of each sole weight is listed. Please keep in mind that putter head shape/style, including grip type, can vary overall feel. 

Putter Length Lighter Standard Heavier Extra Heavy
36" N/A 2 x 5g weights 2 x 10g weights 2 x 15g weights
35" 2 x 5g  2 x 10g 2 x 15g 2 x 20g
34" 2 x 10g  2 x 15g  2 x 20g  2 x 25g 
33" 2 x 15g  2 x 20g  2 x 25g  2 x 30g 
32" 2 x 20g  2 x 25g  2 x 30g  N/A
31" 2 x 25g  2 x 30g  N/A N/A

To see a selection of the weight kits we offer, please visit the Cameron Creations section our Studio Store. If you have any questions about changing the weight of your Scotty Cameron putter, please check out our Custom Shop options or give our Custom Shop Customer Service Department a call.