Introducing Turf Wars in the Custom Shop

Things have come to a head between characters in the Custom Shop and rather than play referee, Scotty put his favorites in the ring to work out who will be victorious in the Turf Wars!

Jackpot Johnny takes on Hot Head Harry, while the Super Rat slugs away with our Scotty Dog. Don't forget the Junk Yard Dog who won't take a punch lightly from our Tour Rat. In addition to these colorful new headcovers, a new stamp, shaft band and color join the fray.

Our Custom Shop Limited Release headcovers and Turf Wars shaft band will only be available through January 31, 2020, but our new Money Tee stamp and Baller Blue paintfill color are here to stay.

Send in your putter to the Custom Shop for this year's Limited Release headcover, and while it's here, add our new Money Tee hand-stamp and new color "Baller Blue" to your order. Keep in mind, with a premium grip and headcover purchase in the Custom Shop, your paintfill is free. 

This year's Limited Release Turf Wars shaft band sticker is free when you send in your putter for any Custom Shop work, but will be available only until January 31, 2020. 

You'll see the standard, mid-mallet, mid-round and mid-square headcover formats available in the Custom Shop Accessories menu while creating an order. You must send in a putter to purchase any current Custom Shop headcover, including these Limited Release designs. 

Check out the new Money Tee hand-stamp that can be added to many putter models. As you go through the Custom Shop Creator application, you'll be presented with the applicable locations per putter type. 

Here's what's new in the Custom Shop:

  • The Turf Wars Limited Release headcovers—standard, mid-mallet, mid-round and mid-square. Available through January 31, 2020. 
  • Turf Wars Limited Release shaft band—Available through January 31, 2020.
  • Money Tee stamp—Available indefinitely as a new option in the Custom Shop.
  • Baller Blue paint color option—Available indefinitely as a new option in the Custom Shop.

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