Scotty Cameron Putter Care Cloth


Putter Care Cloth


The finish of your Scotty Cameron fine milled putter can be protected and kept looking great for years to come by using this metal care cloth. The gun blue/black oxide and oil can finishes applied to our high-grade carbon steel putters is most susceptible to corrosion or rusting if exposed to moisture. To preserve the finish of your putter, please follow these simple guidelines:

-Always dry your putter after play with a soft cloth.
-Then, wipe your putter with a Scotty Cameron Metal Care Cloth.
-Always store your putter in a dry headcover; a thin layer of oil on the putter head will provide extra protection.
-Avoid leaving your putter in extremely hot or cold environments.
-A Metal Care Cloth can be used to clean all putters, including stainless steel and those finished in Black Pearl, Pro Platinum or Charcoal Mist.

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