Studio Design ® 1

Archival Putter 2001

The Studio Design 1 is a classic form with a heritage that dates back to Scotty’s garage. Back then each putter was individually made by him, by hand. Milled from a solid block of carbon steel for solid feel and precise tolerance, the Studio 1 features a soft flanged blade, flowing neck, high toe and dancing letters that evoke timeless design. Studio research has shown that many players drop their hands to raise the toe of the putter for proper alignment, conversely changing the angle of impact. The high toe of the Model 1 ensures proper alignment by maintaining a consistent lie angle. This, combined with negative bounce so the putter never sits closed, perfect balance, a shiny gun blue finish and a specially designed paddle grip that complements the look, produces a putter of exquisite refinement.

  • Specifications

  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Length
  • Head Material
    Solid Carbon Steel