Mil-Spec™ Newport

Archival Putter 2000

The Newport Platinum Mil-Spec is a custom fit line that adapts for different length, lie and grip combinations. This allows Scotty to give the golfer a custom profile. The Mil-Spec features four different weights, four different lengths, three different lies and an array of grips fit with the Newport head. The Newport Mil-Spec sightline has the Tour-proven Pro Platinum finish and a single sightline for alignment. This putter was as close as a golfer could come to a custom fit Cameron without visiting Scotty in the Studio.

Weights Lengths
320 Grams @ 36 Inches
330 Grams @ 35 Inches
340 Grams @ 34 Inches
350 Grams @ 33 Inches

Lies Upright (73 degrees)
Standard (71degrees)
Flat (69 degrees)

  • Specifications

  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Length
    33", 34", 35", 36"