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Please Excuse our Dust!

Please Excuse our Dust!

We are working through the process of implementing a major update to our ecommerce site that has been embarked upon to ultimately improve your experience, offer new functionality to you and allow us to continue to serve you and offer up new items and events.

We are working through the launch process and hope to be back to our normal pace of operation in the near future. During this process, we have opted to move around or defer our sale events to ensure we are fully prepared to offer you the best experience on our site possible. This means some events will happen on different days or times than our past schedule.

We are working around the clock to complete the update of the website and appreciate your patience during this time. Should you need assistance with any aspect of our site, please contact our customer service team between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM PST by phone at (760) 591-9720 or by email at:

Thank you for your continued support, loyalty and friendship.