Sole Weight Customization Kit

Weight Kit

A performance pack for your Scotty Cameron putter. Do-it-yourselfer garage tinkerers, this one's for you. Perfectly packed in this ingenious little tube, you'll find three complete sole weight sets -- 10g, 15g & 20g -- including a new 7-Point Crown-engraved Scotty Cameron Weight Removal Tool.

When removing weights for the first time, attach the Weight Removal Tool to a standard 3/8” socket wrench to break free the weights from their factory-applied adhesive. You may have to use moderate force, so make sure that the Weight Removal Tool posts stay securely in the post holes.

These sole weights will fit certain Select, Studio Select, GoLo and California putters, including the new 2018 Select Squareback. Experiment with different weights. Try something new. However you use the kit, Scotty's put the power in your hands. Only here in the Studio Store on

(Note: Included weights will NOT fit 2008 Studio Select Fastback 1 and Squareback 1; 2014 Select Squareback, Fastback, Roundback; 2016 Newport Mallet 1; California Fastback and 2018 Select Fastback putters.)

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