The Select Line

Continuing the evolution of a line engineered for performance, milled to precision and designed with elegance, the next generation of Scotty Cameron Select putters are available now in Titleist golf shops worldwide.

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Select Newport


Like a custom car designer who shapes a fender to enhance the feeling of speed, Scotty has refined his Newport model with subtle, yet profound, improvements to the putter’s visual and technical characteristics.

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Select Newport 2

Newport 2

Rarely does an iconic model such as the Newport 2 get a full-scale design overhaul. Rather, it may undergo significant, yet subtle, modifications to raise the bar and take it to its logical next level of design and performance.

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Select Newport 2.5

Newport 2.5

Scotty has always blended flowing organic ideas with mechanical, deliberate design. The Newport 2.5 represents the epitome of this putter making philosophy.

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Select Newport 3

Newport 3

Scotty’s Newport 3 is the putter for the feel player seeking flow in conjunction with balance and alignment. This teardrop shaped heel-shafted small mallet promotes an arced putting stroke while setting up squarely at address.

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Select Laguna


The past transitions to the present as Scotty introduces a re-engineered Laguna, modernized from the sole up proving that quality designs improve with time.

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Select Fastback


Not only did Scotty give his updated Fastback a single milled flange line for a cleaner, Tour-preferred look at address, but he also increased by 30% the vibration dampening material.

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Select Fastback 2

Fastback 2

The Select Fastback 2 is the result of Scotty listening to players on the worldwide professional golf tours who requested a plumbing neck option to his 2018 Fastback design.

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Select Squareback


Taking design cues from its cousin, the Newport 2, Scotty’s Squareback resurrects a time-honored name with a Tour-inspired milled sight line in favor of the pop-through alignment features.

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Select Squareback 1.5

Squareback 1.5

The Squareback 1.5 adds a new mini-slant neck to Scotty's Squareback design that further squares off the overall shape and enhances toe flow.

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