Phantom X

As a prototype brought to production, Phantom X pushes the boundaries of modern putter design by blending the visual characteristics of a blade with the playability of a mallet, while offering innovative options in setup, materials and construction.

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Phantom X5


NEW FOR 2021
With a solid precision milled 303 stainless steel face carried through to the body and wings, integrated with an aluminum sole component and stainless steel sole weights, this revamped mid-mallet is reminiscent of past Futura models with its slightly more compact profile and wingback shape.

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Phantom X5.5


NEW FOR 2021
Inspired by Justin Thomas’ tour setup, the new Phantom X 5.5 replaces its predecessor and includes the small slant neck inspired by JT’s configuration, as well as the same overall sizing and material makeup.

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Phantom X6


“Like a low-slung, high-powered sports car, I put the back flange of the Phantom X 6 right down on the ground. With those long, bright lines framing the ball and the sight dots guiding the way, you just line it up and go. Simple, elegant performance and the sweet feel of a solid aluminum face.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X6 STR


“The Phantom X line is about offering mallet players as many options as possible. With the face balanced 6 STR, I went with a straight shaft setup for golfers who really want to create a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke. It has all of the racy good looks and visual alignment guides of the Phantom X 6, just without offset and a straight shaft.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X7


“The perfect blend of soft, sculpted contours mixed with angular shapes to help frame the golf ball. These materials work so well together—aluminum and steel. With the 7, we have a rounded flange with long lines going all the way back. Sole it and there are no shadows, the flange runs from the topline and just melts away toward the back.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X7.5


“With the low-bend shaft in the Phantom X 7.5, the putter is going to flow through the toe just a bit more for a freer, less mechanical stroke. That said, players will benefit from the great feel of a solid aluminum face and the alignment cues designed into the overall look of this new, high-tech mallet.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X8


“Mallet players are very particular. What might appeal to one may not be what another is looking for. I created Phantom X to offer options I thought would appeal to all types of mallet players. The 8 is new territory and entirely ‘next level’. No distractions. All alignment in a shape that sits like a fighter jet wing.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X8.5


“The entire setup is next level. High-tech and angular, yet curvy and sleek, too. The Phantom X 8.5 is for the player who likes simple and elegant—but bold—alignment guides. With a low-bend shaft to promote a bit more toe flow for a naturally arcing putting stroke, I think players will like this fresh take on what a mallet can be.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X11


NEW FOR 2021
The new Phantom X 11 shares design similarities with the wingback Phantom X 12 and new Phantom X 5, yet provides a new option in compact, performance-oriented mallets.

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Phantom X11.5


NEW FOR 2021
The low-bend shaft enhances toe flow, while stability is provided via the new solid face/body precision milled from 303 stainless steel and integrated with an aluminum sole/flange component.

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Phantom X12


“The flagship model of the line. It has it all. Wings like a jet. The flowing, raised flange that tapers back for stellar alignment. High MOI. All of the curves and angles work together for a mallet optimized for looks, feel and performance.” — Scotty Cameron

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Phantom X12.5


This line extension provides players with an enhanced toe flow option to the Phantom X family’s popular X 12 flagship model.

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