Japan Limited Release Futura 5MBS - Japan

Scotty Cameron has a rich history of crafting straight-shafted putters for the Japanese market. The aesthetics of this specialized setup coupled with the curvy, sculpted “muscle back” flange of his Futura 5MB design inspired the 2017 Futura 5MBS Limited, made exclusively for Japan.

Taking cues from his in-line design, Scotty created this limited model with a straight shaft—signified by the “S” in 5MBS—at the one position just back from center. He included a milled crisscross sight line on the muscle back flange and gave the stainless steel his Silver Mist finish. This Tour-inspired putter gives the feel player a classically shaped setup that harkens back to putters of yesteryear, yet incorporates Scotty’s latest multi-material technology, precision milling and modern accessories.

With just 500 pieces made, Scotty left the 20-gram sole weights unfinished in polished stainless steel, and anodized the entire face-sole component in attention-grabbing Bright Dip Red. He then engraved his name so the raw aluminum shows through and gave the sole graphics jet black, gray and school bus yellow painted accents. The entire look is finished with a precision milled aluminum shaft ring also anodized in Bright Dip Red, a mid-size School Bus Yellow Matador grip and matching Limited headcover for a colorful display fit for a Scotty Cameron Limited putter offering.

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  • Specifications

  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Length
  • Head Material
    303 stainless with 6061 aircraft aluminum face-sole
  • Offset
  • Grip
    11” School Bus Yellow Matador Mid-size
    2 x 20 grams

Aluminum shaft ring

Precision milled and anodized red, Scotty added gray paintfill to the shaft ring's engravings, complementing the overall look and design.


Scotty’s Tour-proven heel-and-toe stainless steel sole weighting technology increases stability and forgiveness. Customizable weights are perfectly matched to shaft length, ensuring consistent balance and feel at any length.

Customize Your Cameron at shop.scottycameron.com

Send your 2017 Limited Futura putter to Scotty’s Custom Shop and have it personalized with a specialty grip, headcover, stamp, paintfill, shaft band, sight line and more.



Visit your local Titleist golf shop or check our online Studio Store for authentic Scotty Cameron replacement grips, headcovers and other accessories.