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Scotty's Custom Shop - The Evolution of Restoration

For more than a decade, our Custom Shop has offered restoration services for almost every Scotty Cameron putter manufactured. Restoration returns a putter to its near-original state regardless of age, model or condition. It has been, and will continue to be, the only authentic restoration service available with genuine Scotty Cameron components, accessories and craftsmanship. In the interest of continuing this valuable service, we are announcing changes to our restoration pricing and turnaround time.

For those unfamiliar with this service, restoration involves stripping a putter's finish, removing minor scratches, dents and dings from the putter head, re-milling the face and returning the putter to its original, like-new condition with a restored finish—your choice of our silver or black—including new paintfill. A restored putter receives a new shaft, shaft band, grip and headcover and our expert technicians make length, loft and lie adjustments per your preferences.

This comprehensive process involves a variety of steps and, similar to restoring a classic automobile, is extremely labor-intensive. Additionally, offering the restoration of the hundreds of different Scotty Cameron putter models manufactured since 1994 has presented players with an unprecedented resource to increase the longevity of a putter’s life. Quite simply, no other golf manufacturer offers this type of service. Restoration has made old putters new again and helped golfers to create family keepsakes that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

With the Custom Shop’s restoration service, Scotty’s intention has been to give golfers the opportunity to play their Scotty Cameron putters knowing that he provides a service to fix, maintain and restore them after years of on-course use. This has been a reality since 2004 and will continue into the future. In our efforts to maintain the most premium, highest-quality restoration service the industry has ever seen, and to ensure we have ample time to restore your putter to the standards that Scotty demands, our pricing and turnaround times have changed.

Previously, restoration has been offered at two different price points. Beginning Friday, February 24, 2017, all restoration will be $290, with an approximate turnaround time of 120 days.

If you have any questions about our Custom Shop restoration services, please visit or give one of our expert customer service representatives a call at (760) 591-9720 Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm PST. You can also send email inquiries to