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The new Scotty Cameron Futura X7, X7M and X7M Dual Balance putters arrive in Titleist golf shops on October 23. Scotty, can you tell us a little about these new models?

Following Adam Scott’s major win in 2013 with a Futura X prototype long putter, we brought a production version of the Futura X to market. I felt that this resurgence of “futuristic” putter designs was just the beginning. It had been a decade since I introduced the Futura. So, I got to work to really explore high-tech designs and manufacturing techniques, given what we can now do with milling technology. The result is the Futura X line, which we continue to develop and evolve today.

The latest Futura X7 extensions to the line following our Futura X5 model rollout focuses on a few core features: bigger putter heads, more alignment cues and multi-material construction. The “7” stands for the larger size; similarly to the way luxury sports sedans are numbered 3, 5 and 7 as you go up in size. The “M” signifies MOI, or Moment of Inertia, which is the putter’s resistance to twisting at impact. Higher MOI putters can really help a player to develop a more stable and consistent stroke for better overall performance. The Futura X7M models are some of our highest MOI options ever.

The larger putter head size enables us to get more MOI out of a bigger head. Also, bigger putter heads allow me to create larger, more prominent, sight lines and alignment cues. I’ll cover that in a bit. The goal to get more MOI was to optimize the weight distribution toward the back and the outside edges of the putter head. That’s where the multi-material concept comes into play. We use the 303 stainless steel as a frame. But on the inside, in the face-sole core, we use 6061 aircraft grade aluminum to create the sound and feel benefits. The steel around the perimeter stabilizes the whole setup. It’s pretty slick.

So, in a nutshell, the new Futura X7 putters are bigger, easier to align and are made with multi-material technology for stability, forgiveness and overall performance.


You’re pushing the boundaries of multi-material design with these new Futura X7 putters. Can you tell us a little more about the technology involved?

The Futura X line is where I’m really pushing the boundaries for my high-tech designs. We have some incredible technology at play with the Select and GOLO lines, as well. But, overall, they are simple, classic, elegant designs. Somewhat more traditional.

But with the Futura X line, I like to stretch the designs out of the box, using different materials, milling techniques, weighting technology, anodization options, even the misting of the stainless steel is new and improved. Everything is thought-of, down to how the various components of the putter head go together.

For example, the vibration dampening technology system we’re using between the aluminum and stainless steel ensures that we don’t have any rattles. Everything is snug and fits together perfectly.

I like the details. Take the spud on the topline that the shaft attaches to. It is actually pressed into the bore, and then welded from beneath. Pretty high-tech. The angle of that spud is also critical to get correct, as it determines the offset and the clean look to the bend.

The misting of the stainless steel is actually a bit shinier, too, which is the result of a new, player-preferred misting process. Speaking of shiny, the silver-colored frames around the red dots in the back cavity are actually raw aluminum. After the part is anodized, we actually re-mill that area for this framing look. It really highlights the red translucent paint. 

Tell us about the alignment aids and visual cues of these new putters.

The Futura X7 putters have a lot of angular lines that help a player align the putt from address. While I say the looks are angular, they are also round, too. Kind of octagonal with a flow down the back flange for some softness. The various sight lines have been deliberately incorporated to help players just set it down, align and go.

I think of graph paper, like an architect creating a drawing. These putters set up in a grid-like way. Whether you use the outside of the putter, the sight lines, or get the ball in the center of the thicker topline in front of the face to line up, there are visual cues that don’t leave a lot to chance. 

For the Futura X7, I wanted the contrast of the white and black lines and colors in the flange to provide the visual cues. For the Futura X7M, I put a sight line on the topline. Lots of players were asking for this. So, always with options, the X7 has lines down in the flange and the X7M has them up top, along with the rail alignment system in the flange.

The Futura X7M is cool because I designed the rail alignment system based on direct feedback from touring pros. When we introduced the Futura X5 putters, a few players on Tour said that depending on where the sun was, they could sometimes see some shadows from the lines down in the flange. So, when I started designing the X7M, we raised up the rail sight line system so it wouldn’t be shadowed down in the pocket. 

Just getting a little more streamlined with the Futura X7M, too. We have that nice melting effect of the back flange as it slopes down. I designed the alignment rails to come out from the back cavity parallel to the ground for visual alignment and continuity. If those rails were to taper down with the steel, not only would the shadowing of the sun affect the player’s perspective, but the sight lines wouldn’t be as useful. 

If you look at the first Futura X, those weights (I affectionately call them “ears”) have evolved into the bar-back of the Futura X7M. I got feedback that players would like to see something different than the weights off the back. So, I took those off. But, the weight is now in the shape of a bar in the back of the X7M. This design also allowed me to use stainless steel instead of the aluminum of the earlier Futura X, which helped to soften the look.

What type of player do these models appeal to most?

The player trying to go with a more square-to-square stroke. These putters will definitely appeal to them more. Especially the Futura X7M Dual Balance. If you’re more of a feel, handsy player, it’s not necessarily the product for you. I would suggest a Select Newport a GOLO. These new Futura X7 models promote more of a robotic, square-to-square stroke. They’re very forgiving, with great sound and feel, more sight lines for better alignment, and overall world class performance.