As the name implies, Scotty's Futura X putter line is his most high-tech putter family to date. He views them as his "futuristic" designs as opposed to the more traditional Select and GOLO models. From the larger, angular putter head shapes with distinct alignment cues to the different components that fit together seamlessly to the mix of materials used in their construction, the Futura X putters -- and namely the new Futura X7/X7M/X7M Dual Balance models -- employ some of his most forward-thinking and technological putter designs ever.


The Futura X7 is a wingback mallet with a single bend shaft that employs high-tech, multi-material construction with a lightweight face-sole core milled from aircraft-grade aluminum integrated with a precision milled 303 stainless steel frame. 

The Futura X7M and X7M Dual Balance models feature a unique pop-through "bar-back" design that moves weight farther behind the putter face for higher MOI and easy alignment. The crisp, single bend shaft aligns the portion of the shaft below the bend directly down the target line. 

Stainless Steel = Advanced Perimeter Weighting & More

The precision milled 303 stainless steel provides the framework for the Futura X7 putter head shapes, pushing the heavier weight out toward the perimeter of the head. This increases MOI, which gives the putter a more forgiving sweet spot and greater resistance to twisting. This technique in design and manufacturing results in putters that make developing a repeatable, stable putting stroke easier to achieve. Players remark at how balanced the putter feels. 

As shown in the exploded diagram, the stainless steel forms a "shell" into which the aluminum face-sole fits. Scotty refers to this as designing two putters in one, as the components fit together snugly, purpose-built for performance, as well as aesthetics. Scotty also gave this stainless steel a shinier, misted finish due to player feedback. 

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6061 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum = Lightweight with Soft Sound & Feel
Another intriguing design trait of the Futura X7 models is the aluminum face-sole core. This precision milled, black anodized component is not only the face and sole, but it pops through the back of each putter serving as the flange with branding and alignment features, as well. Scotty's traditional "cherry bombs" are milled post-anodization, left with shiny aluminum rings and then paintfilled in translucent cherry red. Performance and looks, all-in-one.

At address, the Futura X7's back flange has a t-shaped sight line milled and paintfilled in white, which allows the player to set up squarely for easy alignment. The grid-like sight lines, finished with complementary black and white paintfill, provide the visual cues for alignment and stroke path. 

Similarly, but with an even larger face-sole component, the Futura X7M and Futura X7M Dual Balance models each have a unique pop-through "bar-back" aluminum component that not only helps to move weight farther behind the putter face for even more MOI, but also provides two straight rail-like alignment features that are filled with white paint. The entire design sits ultra-flush on the green, and has the traditional Scotty melt-into-the-ground aesthetic.

Removable/Customizable Sole Weights
Adding to the complexity and flexibility of this design, Scotty integrated his removable stainless steel sole weights, which can be customized per player preference in the Custom Shop or by a skilled club tech. These produce a solid feel with forgiveness, as these heel and toe weights are positioned directly under the face, secured with an o-ring for a perfect fit. 

Vibration Dampening Components
Securing each multi-material, multi-component Futura X7 putter is a high-tech vibration dampening system to ensure a tight, rattle-free bond.

Now available at Titleist golf shops worldwide, new Scotty Cameron Futura X7 and X7M putters feature complex designs for soft sound, feel and more. Go deeper in your discovery of these multi-material masterpieces and explore Scotty's new Futura X7 putters, his most high-tech models to date.

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