FUTURA X7/X7M - ALL ABOUT ALIGNMENT Supporting Article Image


Scotty’s entire focus with the Futura X putter line is to push the boundaries of what’s possible—with materials, shapes, alignment cues, MOI and more. The “future-focused” design aesthetic can be observed in every component right down to the line’s futuristic name. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the benefits of the alignment features designed into the Futura X7 and Futura X7M models.

With the larger putter heads of the Futura X7 and X7M, Scotty was able to create prominent sight lines and alignment cues, running both parallel and perpendicular to the putter face. Additionally, the milled contours of these putters have well-defined angular lines to help a player visually align the putter from address. The various sight lines have been deliberately incorporated to help players set the putter down, easily align and make a stroke.

Like an engineer beginning a drawing, Scotty started these designs using graph paper, allowing the grid-like right angles to dictate the best locations for sight lines. For the Futura X7, he used the contrast of the white and black lines and colors in the flange to provide the visual cues. The player who uses a line on the golf ball for alignment can set the Futura X7 behind the ball, line up with the white “t-shaped” sight line milled into the black anodized aluminum flange and easily execute the stroke. Notice that the milled lines parallel to the putter face and out on the "wings" have been painted black. These extend the visual grid, facilitating a square pre-stroke setup.

For the Futura X7M and Futura X7M Dual Balance models, Scotty milled a sight line on the topline perpendicular to the putter face. Many touring professionals asked for this feature, as this provides a dead-center alignment aid to help with perfect setup using the X7M's thick topline.

Additionally, the anodized aluminum rail alignment system in the flange of the Futura X7M provides two, straight color-coordinated reference marks that make setting up squarely easier than ever. This raised rail alignment line system extends out from the back cavity directly toward the stainless steel bar-back to alleviate any shadowing that the sun may cause. If those rails were to taper down with the steel, the shadowing of the sun affect the player's perspective.

For players seeking more confidence on the greens, the Futura X7 and X7M putters set up well to the eye and provide exceptional vertical and horizontal alignment cues. Also, the crisp, single bend shafts of each model align the portion of the shaft below the bend directly down the target line. Whether the player uses the outside shape of the putter head, the onboard sight lines, the shaft angle or a combination of several features to line up each putt, there are visual cues that Scotty deliberately designed to make these some of the easiest putters to align.