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Channeling the road racing spirit of this beloved California town, Scotty’s Monterey is a sleek, modern putting machine with spectacular curb appeal. He opened up the pocket from heel to toe and thinned out the topline, creating a swooping, sculpted head with curves in all the right places.

The plumbing neck, with its full shaft offset, promotes perfect alignment and setup at address, while your playing partners will marvel at the gorgeous contours and bold red cherry dots in the back cavity. Scotty’s familiar high-toe profile also helps players to properly sole the putter for an eye-pleasing setup leading to more made putts.

Pronounced deeper face milling equates to a Tour-proven soft feel while the gently, bead-blasted Sea Mist finish helps to knock down sun glare from the precision milled 303 stainless steel head. The Pistolero grip is a newly shaped, palm-fitting accessory that creates a seamless player-putter bond during the stroke.

Welcome the California Monterey, a double-step flanged beauty embodying refined elegance, available in right- and left-handed setups.


loft: 4º

lie: 71º

length 33", 34", 35"

head material: Precision Milled 303 Stainless Steel

offset: Full Shaft


custom RH lengths: 33", 34", 35"

custom LH lengths: 33", 34", 35"

custom lie: +/- 2º

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