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First hoisted to victory on the PGA Tour in 2011, Scotty’s California Fastback calls to mind the swooping, futuristic automobile shapes that inspired its design. Roly-poly and pleasing to the eye, the Fastback is setup for the player favoring less toe flow in the putting stroke. With its full shaft of offset deliberately set up by the stepless single bend shaft, the Fastback is a putter crafted for confidence.

Studying its lines, the mindful observer will notice the Fastback’s Newport head style roots. Scotty started with his familiar Newport design and essentially smoothed out the back flange to form this rounded, mid mallet. And, as a close cousin of the Studio Select Fastback 1, the California Fastback shares the same spirit, but has a shaft-in setup, three milled sight lines, and carries the California putter line’s traits of deep face milling, rich red Tour dot graphics, Scotty’s Sea Mist finish and the Pistolero grip.

Available only in a right-handed setup, Scotty’s California Fastback is a design both future-focused and reminiscent of the past. Another classic California putter.


loft: 4º

lie: 71º

length 33", 34", 35"

head material: Precision Milled 303 Stainless Steel

offset: Full Shaft


custom RH lengths: 33", 34", 35"

custom lie: +/- 2º

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